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Flat Drain Maintenance

Why Get It?

The drainage system of a flat can be a complicated setup as buildings may contain any number of flats. Even when there is a single flat its drainage system will meet up at some point with the other parts of the building whether residential or commercial.

Just like a house though, the drains serving solely your property need to be maintained. As the owner of the flat, whether resident or landlord, responsibility falls to you.

Your Drains

Impact Others

Drainage at flats can be complex so the impact of a blockage is not always obvious when you don’t know which pipes you are responsible for. In this setting you must consider not just the damage to your property but also to those living alongside you. Damage caused to other their properties can become your problem to solve and result in serious financial headaches.

When the issue extends to other occupants it becomes shared services and should be dealt with by the utility company. However keep in mind that if the issue is identified to having originated from the drains that service solely your property, then you may find the utility company or your neighbours seeking costs they have incurred due to your negligence.


Check Ups

It can be easy to neglect your drains, as you do not see them and do not really think about them until something goes wrong.

When issues with drains happen they can range from minor inconvenience with slow drainage, to full blockages which stop utilities working, or in the most severe cases, a collapsed drain requiring extensive digging to fix.

Preventative drain maintenance avoids this by identifying issues whilst they are small and rectifying them before they become larger, more serious problems.

We recommend preventative maintenance is carried out every 12 months. These annual checks should give you peace of mind that no issues can secretly catch you out resulting in unexpected time and cost implications.

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