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Prevention is better than the cure

Drain Maintenance

Why Get It?

With them being underground and out of sight drains are an easy aspect of all properties to ignore. In fact the first time you’ll probably think of them is when there’s a problem such as a blockage.

This is clearly not ideal however. Issues can range from slow the drainage, to full blockages, or  in the most severe cases, collapsed drains requiring extensive digging at your property.

Whilst some drainage problems are minor inconveniences, most result in more serious situations causing embarrassment, large costs to fix and impact your daily routine whilst the issue is resolved.

Preventative drain maintenance avoids this with a quick check once a year. If small issues are found they can be rectified at a fraction of the cost of the larger, more serious problems they will become if left to develop further.

Drain Maintenance

Who Needs It?

While all premises can benefit from regular maintenance, it applies especially to commercial and industrial premises which often have more extensive and complex setups.

Add to this the noticeable costs and disruption larger issues can cause your business where premises may be without utilities for weeks. This can even lead to a complete stop of your business as staff are unable to work there. In this light, the costs of regular maintenance are mitigated.

We recommend that you carry out regular maintenance every 12 months.

Drain Maintenance

Common Services?

From our wide array of services we are able to provide a concentrated package to identify and remove minor issues.

These include:

You can read more about these services on their respective pages.

Who are DHC Utilities?

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We are a Water Industry Approved Plumber (WIAPS) based in Manchester with over 15 years’ experience in drain maintenance.

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