Sonar Drain Tracing Manchester

Identifying the cause of the problem, not just the symptom 

Why use

Sonar Drain Tracing?

We have multiple services at our disposal to minimise the need to dig when it comes to maintaining and repairing drains.

In some circumstances it cannot be avoided though. In these situations, one thing that we look to do is only dig where necessary. Sonar drain tracing allows us to do this easily and accurately.

How does it


While you may know there is a problem with your drains, you may not know where it is located. From the surface there is obviously no visual way to identify this.

When a camera is sent down a drain to visually assess the state of the drain locating and damage or blockage the camera itself can be traced via a receiver at the surface. What this means is that once the camera has shown you what damage and or blockage has occurred, the receiver above ground can tell you where you will need to dig.

Benefits of

Sonar Drain Tracing

For a homeowner, or owner of any premises, it is a concern that any work that needs to be done below ground will require large trenches digging across land, gardens and driveways causing extensive disruption.

By being able to pinpoint exactly where an issue has occurred trenches may still be necessary but their extent can be minimised. Previously trenches were dug in the hope of being at the right location.

This may also identify who is responsible for the maintenance and repair work required. If the tracing locates the issue and it is beyond the border of your property or within a shared service drain, then this work will fall to your local utility company to rectify.

Drains repeatedly becoming blocked?

The Problem

You may have already had someone work on the drains once or multiple times, but they keep becoming blocked. This would suggest any action taken to unblock them previously has been ineffective, which could be either due to the incorrect course of action, or the extent of the issue not found in full.

The Solution

Where drains are becoming blocked regularly, a sonar drain trace is the best course of action to fully understand what is wrong.

Issues can range from, a build-up of waste to a collapsed drain. Different causes require different solutions to rectify, identifying the cause is what the survey is for.

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