Discrete, Non Disruptive Pipe Replacement Solution 

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The moling process uses a drill to dig through the ground without the need for a trench. It just goes in at a certain depth below the ground and then can be manipulated and used to change direction to suit the specific needs and requirements of the job at hand.

This makes it ideal for resolving issues with your water mains especially when your pipes run under a more solid features such paving or a driveway.

Moling can only be used in certain situations however so it’s important to talk to a professional to ensure it’s the right tool for the job.

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Moling means we don’t need to dig a trench, hire the machinery or employee as much manpower. This all results in a cost saving to you.

Moiling is easier and quicker than digging a trench so we can complete a job faster.

In modern properties pipes will likely run under a fixed feature such as a driveway, decking or patio. Moiling provides a solution which means these elements don’t need to be dug up.

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A common question, and a good one, which we get asked a lot is “Is moling safe?”. 

In the hands of untrained professionals, there is every likelihood that someone could potentially drill into a pre-existing water pipe or electric cable and cause damage to themselves and the environment around them.

For the trained professionals at DHC Utilities, however, we will survey the area before we introduce the system, and make sure that we don’t hit anything.

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