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Home Drain Maintenance

Why Get It?

The drains servicing your home are easy to neglect. We cannot see them and rarely think about them. So when something goes wrong we guarantee it will be an unexpected frustration resulting in unpleasant smells, damage to your property, inconvenience and potentially a large financial burden to fix.

Similar to maintaining a car, regular drain maintenance removes the risks of critical failures. Unlike with a vehicle however where you can use a different method of transport, there is no alternative solution for broken drains.

Who is


Utility companies are responsible for looking after shared utilities. Shared utilities include everything up to the point where a utility serves a single property. From this point it becomes the responsibility of the property owner.

The part of the drains solely serving your property may be a few feet or a few hundred depending on the size of your home. The only way to be sure of the extent of your responsibility is to have them checked by a professional.


Check Ups

At DHC Utilities we recommend regular maintenance should be carried out at your property every 12 months.

We find this gives an appropriate level of coverage to tackle build ups that could cause blockages and accounts for any damage that may be caused by seasonal elements such as freezing and thawing.

Maintenance helps stop smaller problems from escalating into larger ones. Dealing with drain issues when they become critical usually means we can’t use our less intrusive options.

A cracked drain, for example, could be repaired from inside it with patch lining but if left it could collapse requiring extensive digging to replace the damaged section.

Your drains could impact others

It is important to keep in mind that because your drains lead into shared utilities, blockages and damage to your drains may impact other households.

If a blockage or damage impacts shared services and the source of the problem is tracked back to your drains, this can be classed as negligence on your part. In this situation, you could find yourself shouldering the cost for fixing your neighbours drains as well as your own.

How are these checks done?

While we have a range of services at our disposal for differing situations, most commonly we use a combination of CCTV surveys and drain jet washing for regular household drain maintenance.

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