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Blocked Drains Stretford?

DHC provide a full emergency call out service in Stretford and surrounding areas. You can get urgent drain assistance now by calling 07753 259 174 and we can be at most addresses in under 15 minutes.

Blocked drains may start with the odd noise or occasional bad smell, but as blockages build-up, they can turn into much greater or even emergency problems, with entire blockages and flooding.

DHC has built up a robust experience gained over many years in dealing with blocked drains, allowing us to fix the problem quickly, efficiently, and wherever possible minimal to no digging.

Common Causes

No matter where the blockage occurs in your drains there are three areas they start from. By being mindful of what you are putting down your drains you can help keep them flowing for longer.

  • Outside the property:
    • Tree roots
    • Excessive garden waste such as leaves and soil.
  • From the kitchen:
    • Food waste such as vegetable scraps
    • Coffee grounds or tea leaves
    • Traditional soaps (which contain greases and fats)
  • From the bathroom:
    • Hair
    • Feminine hygiene products
    • Non-flushable paper
    • Traditional soaps (which contain greases and fats)
    • Excessive amounts of dirt

Get Ready For Winter

The colder, wetter months in winter and autumn put additional strain on drains. Problems to be aware of during this time include:


  • Freezing and thawing of pipes resulting in breaks and cracks
  • Ice build-up catching waste
  • Fat and oil solidifying in pipes due to the cold weather


Coupled with heavy rainfall, unmaintained drains can quickly become overwhelmed and problems arise

Stopping blocked drains in Stretford before they happen

Drain Maintenance

So many of us wait until something goes wrong with our drains to then look after them.

Regular drain maintenance leads to a healthy drain system at your property, meaning you are not left with any nasty or emergency problems when you least need them.

Our maintenance service is a simple annual checkup that allows us to identify and resolve problems before they become a major issue.

Partial Blockages

Partially blocked drains, or ones in need of maintenance, will continue to allow water to drain away overtime. This makes them harder to spot but there are signs to look out for however;

  • Slow draining, or standing water
  • Unpleasant smells from the drains
  • Noises when water drains away can suggest blockages further down the pipe

Stretford Blocked Drain Case Study

A Local Drainage Specialist with Local Knowledge

Something we see as really important when treating drainage problems is local knowledge. Below is an example of how we fixed blocked drains for one of our customers in Stretford.

How did it start

We received a call regarding a blocked drain in Stretford where a homeowner reported about slow draining and weird noises from the drains outside of their property. They asked for us to come and investigate the cause and whether it was a blockage.

The client also explained they had recently had a new lawn and that meant they wanted no digging to find or fix the problem.

Fixing the problem

With the cause identified we proceeded with another no-dig approach to fix the drain. Using drain jetting we were able to cut through the roots removing the blockage.

To reduce the chances of further blockages we applied patch lining which would fix, seal, and reinforce the inside of the drain against further root growth.

Identifying the problem

From what the client had described immediately suggested a blocked drain but before carrying out any work we needed to work out where the blockage was in the drain and how it had occurred. Both needed to be answered to ensure the correct solution was employed.

To do this we used a CCTV survey. This meant we could avoid any digging and that all we needed to start was access to the nearest manhole.

The CCTV survey identified the culprit of the blockage. Roots had grown through a crack in the drains which led to a build-up of waste as it got caught in the drain.

The result

The blockage of the drain at the Stretford property was identified and removed, returning the drain to full, free flowing working order again.

Patch lining the drain sealed and reinforced the problem area to restore it to full working order.

As with the CCTV survey, the drain jetting and patch lining] were also able to be done with no-digging needed, leaving the property untouched at the surface.

Our services in


Drains can be extensive, complicated, and most importantly hidden away, making it appear difficult to identify what has gone wrong. DHC brings the following diagnostic and remedial services for quick identification and less invasive repair solutions for your drains:

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